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Exploring Cigar Brands at Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars

17 Nov 2023
Exploring Cigar Brands at Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars

Welcome back to Cigar Yard, dear cigar enthusiast. This is a universe abounding with flavor, tradition, and culture. At Cigar Yard, we make stepping into this world as simple and delightful as lighting up your favorite stogie. The immense variety of brands we carry and our association with numerous esteemed cigar manufacturers allow us to provide a bounty of choices that will light up your cigar journey.

Whether you're dusting off an old interest or kindling a newfound passion, we have the perfect cigar to match your taste and ignite your curiosity!

A Kaleidoscope of Brands at Your Fingertips 

One of the cornerstones of our success at Cigar Yard is the ease of access to an array of cigars from different brands. Thanks to our close association with various cigar manufacturers, we have a constantly evolving portfolio of cigar collections. This means that whether you are in search of a classic, a rarity, or the latest trend, you won't need to look further than our yard. 

  • Fine handcrafted selections from esteemed brands to fuel your adventures.
  • A vast array of flavors to cater to every palate—from the bold and daring to the smooth and subtle.
  • Access to new releases and limited editions.

Sanj Patel - SP1014

Exploring Cigar Brands at Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars

We're shining a spotlight on a brand that carries significant weight in the cigar world - Sanj Patel. The entrepreneurial mastermind behind Sanj’s Smoke Shop based in Bloomfield, New Jersey, Sanj Patel, has crafted his unique line of cigars, aptly titled SP1014.

As a native of Tamboril, Santiago, in the Dominican Republic, Rivas was born into a well-established cigar-making lineage. Indeed, he is a fourth-generation member of the cigar industry, embarking on his professional journey at the tender age of 8. By the time he reached his mid-teens, he was already working in a cigar factory, and at a mere 16 years old, he launched his personal cigar factory. In a bid to enhance his core knowledge of the industry, his father dispatched him to Cuba in 1993. Rivas is indeed renowned for his expertise in cigar-related elements like planting and fermentation processes. Besides, he rendered valuable service to Quesada Cigars between 2009 and 2016, a period during which the company experienced substantial growth. 

The SP1014, famous for being an authentic Dominican puro, is developed using fully Corojo tobaccos aged between three to five years. Its wrapper, sourced from the prolific Peñuela region, boasts a three-year maturation period. Similarly, the binder also carries a three-year aging period and is procured from the Navarette region. The fillers are constituted by Seco tobaccos from Santuario, San Jose de las Matas (with a three-year aging period), Viso from La Travesada in Navarate (matured for four years), and Medio Tiempo Piloto from the Mao region (that has aged for five years.) The production of SP1014 will be regulated to a maximum of 250,000 cigars per year for each size. 

Sanj Patel Cigars

There are 2 versions of cigars we have available from Sanj Patel:

  • Sanj Patel SP1014 Black 
Exploring Cigar Brands at Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars - SANJ-PATEL-SP1014-BLACK

- Binder: San Andres

- Wrapper: Dominican

- Origin: ["Dominican Rep."]

- Strength: ["Medium"]

- Filler: Undisclosed

- Size: 5x54 - Robusto Gordo / Pack 5

- Price: $50.00 

the SP1014 BLACK Cigar trustee has opted for an interesting mix of tobaccos on the blend that surely Sanj supervised and got actively involved in the development process, housing a Dominican grown wrapper over a Mexican San Andres binder that has been barrel-aged for some time, and a combination of five total undisclosed fillers, that we guess are also Dominican tobaccos.

After just one year of re-introducing and re-imagining his favorite cigar which was his staple in the 90’s boom, Sanj has achieved another milestone with a compact, dense, and complex cigar that will keep you entertained through main notes of cedar-wood, leather, hints of black pepper, almond bark, and natural tobacco sweetness.


  • Sanj Patel SP1014 Love N' Passion

Exploring Cigar Brands at Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars - SANJ PATEL SP1014 LOVE N' PASSION

    - Binder: Dominican

    - Wrapper: Corojo

    - Origin: ["Dominican Rep."]

    - Strength: ["Medium"]

    - Filler: Dominican

    - Sizes: Box 25 / 7x40 - Lancero / Pack 5

    - Price: $225.00

    Earlier this year an industry veteran, long time shop-owner, and passionate cigar connoisseur Sanj Patel of Sanj’s Smoke Shop (Bloomfield, N.J.) announced the re-launch of the brand he developed and sold throughout the early 90’s and price these the same way they were back then.

    Blended and produced by Chico Rivas, the Love N’ Passion line uses Corojo-seed tobaccos from various growing regions in the Dominican Republic. The result is a captivating cigar that over-performs its great bang for what’s invested in the blend approach. The ultimate goal was achieved, a solid cigar that didn’t break the smoker’s bank.

    Lastly, we’re excited with this partnership as we’re part of a small network of retailers that will carry this product and have it available for our members’ enjoyment. The limited SP1014 Lancero is well-balanced with a lovely texture and punctual flavors. A mildly earthy start is masked by sweet undertones that naturally follow Corojo seed’s evolvement, with a presence of vanilla, honey, a ginger-like spice and overall goodness.


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    Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars
    Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars
    Cigar Yard - Sanj Patel Cigars
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