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The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados

18 Oct 2023
Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados

A new lifestyle, a new hobby, a sport, or any activity requires education, knowledge, and practice.

In this case, if you are a basic level, intermediate level connoisseur, or you don't know anything about cigars and want to learn, CigarYard brings you a complete cigar guide for beginners and aficionados that will help you understand the details of the world of cigars and it’s initiative.

What is the first thing I should know, what are the points I should take into account?

Don’t worry, we are here to teach & explain.

  • The experience: there are different types of cigars, each with different flavors and shapes.
  • The club: you are part of the passion. Regardless of the activity, you will always find someone to share the moment with and the type of cigar selected.
  • The moment: at any time of the day when you are enjoying a cigar of your choice, the moment offers a level of relaxation that can be defined as a type of art.

What types of cigars exist or how are they classified?

The first classification that we can make of cigars is according to their manufacture. There are two large groups here: 'Handmade' and 'Machine made'.

In turn, within each of these two large groups, we can have short-filler cigars or long-filler cigars.

Machine Made

 Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados

Short Filler

Cigars made using this process have a filler made up of short sting, that is, small pieces of leaves that are rolled by a machine onto the binder and wrapper leaf. In the case of Habanos, they are recognized because they are almost always wrapped in cellophane.

Long Filler

These cigars are made like the previous ones, but the filler has whole pieces of leaf. They are better quality cigars than the previous ones, although their production almost does not exist.


 Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados

Short Filler

They are cigars made “Totally by hand” from start to finish. The filler is formed by short pitting, which is rolled by the hands of a roller on the binder leaf.

These unfinished cigars, called “bonchos”, are placed in a mold of the shape and size that is being twisted and after an hour they are wrapped with the capa leaf, the thinnest of all the leaves and the one that will give the cigar it’s presence.

These handmade cigars that we call short fillers usually have a very good price/quality ratio, and in most brands we can find some vitola.

Long Filler

They follow the same process as the previous ones, with the difference that for the filler the best leaves are selected and will be rolled whole on the binder, and then on the wrapper.

These cigars are called “Premium” and their quality, as well as their value, is the highest. A hand-rolled cigar with a long filler burns slower and more evenly, has a superior draw and a consistent flavor throughout the cigar.

What cigars are recommended for beginners?

Allow us to guide you, here is a list of the top 10 of the best cigars for beginners:

  • Romeo Y Julieta Capulet: Romeo y Julieta House of Capulet features a Honduran and Nicaraguan core under an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to provide notes of sweet cream, leather, and caramel, making it a great entry point for anyone new to premium cigars.
  • Oliva Connecticut Reserve: With its mellow Connecticut wrapper, Oliva Connecticut Reserve brings a host of flavors like coffee, sweet wood, leather, and earth to the table. Its easygoing profile and smoothness makes it easy for new smokers to get on board.
  • Acid: For many, Acid is the springboard into the cigar world. Their creator, Jonathan Drew is anything but orthodox. His unique approach to flavored cigars was crticially acclaimed, and today, it's the most recognizable infused brand on the planet.
  • Rocky Patel American Market Selection: Flavorful and mellow, Rocky Patel's answer to the budget cigar scene is American Market Selection. Beginniers love this because with its flavors of nuts, earth, and sweet spices, you get all of Rocky's benefits at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Perdomo Champagne: Perdomo Champagne is loved by newbies and grizzled veterans alike. With an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper and an all-Nicaraguan frame, these cigars deliver delicious notes of almond, coffee, and oak in its silky, smooth smoke.
  • Larutan Natural Cigars By Drew Estate: With a sweet profile, Larutan Natural is loved by beginners for granting an easy-smoking experience with lots of options. Its tobacco blend is like no other, placing it in a world all of its own, meaning that it has to be smoked to be understood.
  • Macanudo Café: Exceedingly mellow and smooth, Macanudo Cafe is America's most popular premium cigar. Almost a requirement for a new smoker's initiation, Macanudo's famed appeal comes from an easy draw and a delicious Connecticut shade wrapper.
  • Gran Habano #1 Connecticut: If you're new to cigars, meet Gran Habano #1 Connecticut, a mellow boutique that has the recognition of a national brand. It's Ecuador Connecticut Shade wrapper and all-Nicaraguan core makes for creamy, toasty smoothness all around.
  • Gispert: One of the best bangs for your buck, Gispert makes it easy to get started. Naturally sweet, affordable, and flavorful, these mellow-to-medium-bodied cigars are noted for a toasty character thanks to the choice of tobaccos found inside.
  • Arturo Fuente: Few cigars sell faster than Arturo Fuente. With a penchant for affordability and a keen eye for quality, these Dominican handmade are great for veterans and beginners alike as they're painstakingly crafted to appeal to nearly everyone.

Each cigar offers something different, so each one will leave its mark on the experience and flavor offered, leaving you with the satisfaction of a unique moment of relaxation.

So, now that you know the basics about cigars and their characteristics, you will ask yourself, “What is the next thing I should know?” The next thing is knowing how to properly light a cigar.

Cigar Yard explains it simply:

  • You’ll need a lighter, or matches, & a cigar cutter (It is also important to choose a place where the wind cannot have access.)
  • Let’s cut the cigar: The first thing we will do is cut the head of the cigar to a measurement of 1/4″.
Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados
  • We must use wooden matches or butane lighters for this step. (Other options like candles or stovetops will ruin the flavor experience.)
Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados

Let’s light the cigar.

Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados
  •  Place the cigar foot over the lighter. First, make sure the cigar is not completely exposed to the flame.
  •  Turn it slowly. When you notice that the edges of the wrapper are slightly blackened, the cigar is ready.

Now you can put it in your mouth, and slowly rotate the cigar to ensure an even burn. To achieve this, place the cigar at a 30-degree angle towards the lighter and continue to rotate it slowly. Inhale air gently through your mouth, always being careful not to inhale the smoke.

Now that you know how to properly light a cigar, tell us, which one are you going to choose to start?

If our complete cigar guide for beginners and aficionados helped you understand what you needed to know to join this passion, share it with your friends! Maybe your friends are already knowledgeable on the subject or want to learn. You can also become a member of our club, by being a member you can obtain points and use them as a benefit to redeem products.

Are you already experienced and looking for other options and variations? Here at Cigar Yard we have a catalog of brands available for all connoisseurs and lovers of this experience.

Interested in reading and learning more about cigars? Check out our blog

Looking where to start the cigar lifestyle? start with us! You can see our collection, accesories & you can also join the MCP Cigar Club! We offer a variety of memberships for anyone who experiences the cigar lifestyle. Be sure to check them out and see which one best suits your needs.

Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados
Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados
Cigar Yard - The Complete Cigar Guide for Beginners and Aficionados




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