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Cigars and Coffee: Cognitive Enhancers

24 October, 2021

Cigars and Coffee: Cognitive Enhancers

For many, cigars and coffee are like bread and butter: they’re not ‘technically’ developed to be consumed together yet pairing them is often indispensable.

While some people may dislike coffee and not everybody enjoys premium cigars, it’s in fact very natural to see these two goods complement each other within the cigar community. Why is it so common to see these two inevitably form an intrinsic component of a smoker’s ritual?

On a cultural plane, cigar smoking is usually carried out at an interpersonal level, and even those who smoke alone are usually photographing and sharing their experiences. Coffee on the other hand, while not so deeply connected to a social approach on a superficial level, has certainly developed a role uniting people in determined spaces and circumstances. Statistics will reflect a colossal exponential global surge in segmented spaces to indulge in the art of coffee (in the last two decades), aesthetically designed for either social interaction and/or productivity of sorts.

On a scientific level, both caffeine and nicotine are psychoactive compounds and nervous system stimulants that will make humans feel more alert and awake. No wonder these are the most consumed psychoactive substances in the world.

As human beings, we find ourselves constantly hunting for things that make us feel good and look good. As adults, we’re innately looking for things that make us feel more alive, energetic, and productive. Enter cigars and coffee.

Cigars and coffee give us an energy boost, but why do they match so well together?

Aside from the mesmerizing effect that these two create upon the human eye, cigars and coffee share agricultural patterns and artistic bonds that rationalize our perception of how well they go along together (blood flow, heightened alertness, increased euphoria, and others).

Having already established a scientific trace (hasty overview) behind why these two get our blood pumping and boost our mindset, there are other factors such as how cigars and coffee are grown that justify why tobacco may yield coffee-like notes and vice versa. Similar sub-soil conditions and PH-level measurements fulfilled in the growing process are some of the elements that resonate on tobacco being characterized as more or less bitter and acidic, in a congruent fashion to coffee.

In terms of consumption, both of these goods have garnered significant relevance in terms of the ritual performed before indulging either. Cigars and coffee both require a well-ordered level of preparation and entail multiple processes and approaches before enjoyed, but this is a separate subject altogether.

 This is just a brief outlook on the romance between these two wonders of the universe that bring joy to so many around the world. Anyway, time for a cigar and some coffee.

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