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Cigars Indoors! The Right way to do it.

9 June, 2022

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Gentlemen and ladies, lovers of cigars. Don’t you wish you could light up indoors without having to worry about the residual odor of the smoke? Well, one thing is absolutely necessary to achieve that. You cannot allow the smoke to linger because it’ll find a way to impregnate its smell onto everything it touches for a prolonged period of time. That’s it. That’s how you smoke cigars indoors the right way.

Well, shoot, MAC, thank you Cpt. Obvious. 

Yeah, yeah, I hear you, and obviously the next step is to demo a couple of ways to set up your indoor space to enjoy cigars without leaving a footprint… or odorprint? The easiest way to suck out the smoke from the space you’re smoking in, is to install an extractor. BUT you probably already knew that and figured that’s not feasible. I don’t think it is either. How do you extract air from your space without an extractor? First of all turn off your AC, it’s gonna draw in your smoke and impregnate to the dust on your filter and stick to the moisture forming on its radiator. You don’t want that.

But well, what does an extractor do? It just forces the smoke out of an outlet…. So, quick, look around you, find a proper outlet. For most of you, this is going to be a window or a sliding door. Open it, no need to do it fully, just make sure that it’s open. 

Now, you might be thinking, ok, I’ve tried smoking next to the window, it doesn’t work. All it does is blow air into the room and the smoke doesn’t really leave. Well, that’s where the other side of this solution quite literally comes into play, give yourself an inlet. It’s usually best if this is an access to OUTSIDE air on the opposite side of your outlet. In my case that can be a door, a window, or even a bathroom window. Your inlet needs to bring in air from outside, and your outlet needs to take air from the inside outside. You can more or less direct the outlet by having more surface area open on one side of the room vs the other but this won’t be perfect.

Airflow diagram

Make sure you’re between your inlets and outlets so that the smoke can be picked up by the moving air.

What you really want is passive positive pressure in your room, where more air can come in than what can leave, that’ll move the air in your space all over and out, and with it, the smoke. Once you’re done with the cigar, get rid of the ash and leave the windows open for a few minutes.

This might work perfectly for most of you. It’s easy to set up, fully passive, and not weird. Mind that air will come and go from both directions, meaning that your inlet and outlet will go back and forth. But there are some cases where you’re gonna have to force the air out… and you do that by… forcing negative pressure. That means all of the air in the room is being sucked out. By what? You ask… by a fan. Just take it to a window and have it blow outside. You’re still going to want a passive inlet just to avoid hotboxing yourself, but this does work very well. It’s basically an impromptu extractor. 

ash plays a huge role in the presence of residual smell.

While a nice, long, and compact stack of ash is nice to look at, ash plays a huge role in the presence of residual smell. Throw it out as soon as you’re done with your smoke.

And that’s it. When you’re done, make sure you get rid of your ash properly, that’ll leave a lot of residual smell, and also light a candle to mask anything that remains. That’s it. Pretty easy right? It does a pretty good job at reducing residual odor and is pretty easy to do.  


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