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Instagram: The Main Propulsor of the New Cigar Micro-Boom.

2 February, 2022

Economic standards see a boom referring to the increase of commercial activity in a certain area of business or general market, and micro can either refer to small in quantity, or if we keep addressing these references from an economic standpoint, attribute the small factors in a business segment or market that have an impact on the macro-perspective of the trade in focus. Actually, both apply in this case.

The original resurgence of cigars in United States of America, typically denoted as the cigar boom, came to life in the mid 90’s. Brands grew mightily, and numerous factors came into play into transforming the premium cigar market into what we distinguish now.

Ever since its launch about a decade ago, Instagram has been evolving and it would seem as if it would explicitly develop most of its improvements towards business-oriented accounts. Now more than ever having a solid profile in the platform (somewhat) determines a brand’s acceptance and (it may seem as) financial success, even though constant burdens and restrictions against tobacco related products hinder their potential reach and disguise the true KPI’s that determine their market share.

Say what you want about Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, those are separate concepts altogether and our focus is to take a closer look at Instagram and why it matters. There are two main reasons behind why cigar brands are focusing so heavily on Instagram:

1. IG scampers through all the argot and dives straight into a graphic presentation timeline. Marketing 101: the better it looks, the more likely people will be drawn to examine it on a deeper level, i.e.: purchase.

2.The platform itself is growing at an unparalleled exponential rate. The hashtags cigar and cigars have been used than twelve million times combined.

It’s these factors alongside other small pieces puzzled together that make this the elite tool of growth for most brands. The way that the community has engaged through this digital instrument over the last few years is quite spectacular. Features that could only be done through paid advertisement on online structures and email blasts are ever so swiftly being translated to the world of relevant and impactful Instagram accounts.

Instagram is a key component on why this industry has been expanding and is under a micro-boom, and no, having ten thousand followers is not a requirement if you’re preaching to the correct thousand.


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