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17 December, 2021

Need a badass last minute gift? We’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of some products that we’re actually gifting to friends and family this holiday season, to make the process of picking a gift as smooth as butter on a slip n’ slide. 

1. My Cigar Pack Subscription 

We’re very proud of the fact that we push all our efforts to provide the most dynamic cigar subscription service in existence, and we’re confident that once you’ve joined us, you’ll agree that it is. Day in and day out we’re looking to nail the cigars that will hit the right notes so that when you open your pack you’ll get something you’ve been wanting– whether you knew it or not. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Why not give it forward?

Link to Buy:

2. MCP Yeti Rambler

Do you love cigars, drinks, and having drinks while you smoke cigars? We do, and that’s why we love our Yeti Ramblers; they’re great for coffee, of course, but they work wonderfully for pretty much anything you put in them. It’s a pretty straightforward gift, so to spice it up a little bit we include a premium cigar with every purchase. 

Link to Buy:

3. Kimera Koffee – Original Blend

You didn’t think we’d talk about our MCP Yeti Ramblers without bringing up Kimera Koffee, did you? Good! We love this stuff, it’s energetic, flavorful, and pairs wonderfully with premium cigars (and your MCP Yeti Rambler).

Link to Buy:

4. La Flor Dominicana Los Lanceros

The House of Ligero goes full Lancero for this sampler and they’ve brought their A-game. While technically a sampler, this feels more like a highlight reel of some of LFD’s absolute best cigars, you’ll get one Coronado, one Cameroon Cabinet, one Air Bender, and two Double Ligero to top it all off; of course, all of them in Lancero. 

Link to Buy:

5. Makerspace Havana 2010 – Habano 

It’s written somewhere that our own creations have to go on the very top of our gift guide, right? Whether or not it’s the case, the Makerspace Havana 2010 Habano is a cigar we are extremely proud of having our name on. Directly out of Leo Reyes’ Intro Series, which was introduced nearly 12 years ago, this is the one we liked most and it’s an absolute Gem. It’s our December 2021 Factory Direct offering and a must-have in our books. 

Link to Buy:

6. Foundation Core Sampler

Again, technically a sampler, but in reality more of a highlight reel, this time with Foundation Cigars. Within this sampler you’re getting the El Gueguense and The Wise man duo, but also a Tabernacle Trifecta, an original Tabernacle and two David Perfectos, one of them Havana CT and the other in CT Broadleaf. Damn.

Link to Buy:

7. Fuente Sampler

The Fuentes are legends of the industry and have paved the way for the rest to follow, coming into the 21st century with world-class award-winning cigars. The Arturo Fuente Classic Sampler is a 5-cigar collection made up by Fuente’s Rosado Sungrown Magnum, a Reserva Don Carlos Doble Robusto, and three Chateaus, a King T Rosado Sungrown Churchill, a Sungrown Cuban Belicoso, and a standard Chateau Fuente. 

Link to Buy:

8. LFD Bull and Friends Sampler

We couldn’t resist, yeah, this is another LFD sampler that shows another quintuple of incredible smokes. This pack includes the elusive Andalusian Bull, La Volcada, Ligero L-300 Series, Air Bender Guerrero, and TCFKA M Mysterio. Talk about a greatest hits collection. 

Link to Buy:

9. Patina Maduro

For the love of broadleaf, would you look at that Patina! Mo Maalik has really impressed us with this one, The Patina Maduro, a Broadleaf wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Mexican fillers give way to a rich, chocolatey smoke that can be served as dessert, equally appropriate, the Patina’s band is a beautiful mix of copper metallic foil and a greenish-blue base color that resembles the color of patinated copper as well as lady liberty’s crown. We love it!

Link to Buy:


10. Mysterious Tiger

Of course the Tiger’s on this list. Sure, it’s our brand and our product, but that’s only one of the many reasons we love this cigar so much. Aromatic, dynamic, peppery, and sweet, the Tiger was blended masterfully by our friends William and Henderson Ventura and brought the cigar of our dreams to life for you to enjoy. 

Link to Buy:


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