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Out of Stock 6x44 - CoronaBOX 20 $249.99

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In Stock 4.5x52 - RobustoSINGLE $13.49

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The ADVentura The Royal Return King’s Gold Robusto is a medium bodied, hand rolled cigar that uses tobacco aged for five years in the Dominican Republic at the famed William Ventura cigar factory. With an in-your-face blend, the smoke itself impressed just as much as the band, which clearly shows a bit of extra effort behind it. Once rolled, these premium cigars are aged for four months to allow the flavors to marry, humidity levels to balance, and the smoking experience to reach perfection. This carefully crafted, aged cigar features a rustic and toothy USA Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper with a musty, leathery aroma, a Mexican San Andres binder that packs a spicy punch, and a flavorful filler composed of Nicaraguan, USA, and Dominican leaves. This four-nation concoction delivers woodsy and nutty notes with subtle earthy, coffee and cocoa flavors. 

A note from the manufacturer:

Endless hours of mental and physical strength, earned ADVentura and McKay the rule of Kiskeya island. They overtook this rich land not to demonstrate power and strength, but to take advantage of the abundance of leaves on the island for  developing new flavors. They explore, navigate, and conquer, to provide the gift of camaraderie, nostalgia, and time. A gift that no other explorers have returned to the king and queen with. And with this gift, a reputation that travels far and wide.

The real work began with the detail paid to each characteristic of this uncharted territory. They worked to connect the sky to the land, and develop such unique flavors. The queen would be presented with aromas like sweet wood, vanilla creme and hazelnut; and for the king flavors like salted chocolate, honey, toast and cinnamon.

These gifts tell the stories of the ADV and Mckay adventures without a single word spoken. They are special enough for royalty and humble enough to unify a land with a strike of a match. They are equally beautiful as they are strong, and these are the perfect gift for THE ROYAL RETURN.

End of chapter.”

Additional information


Dominican Rep.


Connecticut Broadleaf




Dominican, Nicaraguan, United States




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