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SKU: cy-caldwell-blindman'sbluffmaduro Category
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In Stock 5x50 - RobustoBOX 20 $149.99

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The elements that make this Blind Man’s Bluff Maduro different from the original version would be a tobacco leaf grown in Pennsylvania, on a binder from Sumatra and fantastic fillers from the Dominican Republic.

Some of the flavors that stand out along the way of this cigar are dried fruit, chocolate, cedar, pepper, leather and coffee. In addition to producing a light smoke with a pleasant sweet smell that is not invasive to the senses. All this gives it a medium body, which is very satisfying and very pleasant for the smoker.

The wrapper has an interesting embossing that gives the stick texture from start to finish, while a thin wrapper of oil is present at different levels of the cigar. The firmness and cleanliness to the touch are noticeable in the body of the cigar. The foot produces certain sweet and earthy notes freshly cut.

We can say that in conclusion, this maduro version of the Blind Man’s Bluff Madura is a cigar with a special balance of aromas and flavors, among which the notes of black pepper, wood and earth stand out, which make it an easy cigar to enjoy. An experienced smoker will know how to give it a well-deserved space in his humidor.

Additional information


Dominican Rep.


Pennsylvania Broadleaf


Ecuador Sumatra


Dominican, Honduran




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