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Earlier in the year we released the Trilogy, a collaboration developed by The Hot Ticket Podcast Boys and Rodriguez Cigars… What most people who had been following this development didn’t know, was that we modified the branding to remove the first part of the compounded name… Even though we will refrain from releasing the original, after finding the original stickers the boys and I decided we wanted those who were loyal to the Trilogy to receive a pack of the original artwork and a special pricing on a limited Trilogy sampler. The remaining quantities from the Trilogy have been aging nicely in our humidor and are smoking better than ever.

The sampler will be a holidays special and offered in a limited amount. It includes:

  • 2 RIVALS


The Cigars


The Allen brothers from The Hot Ticket Podcast are not pulling any punches with this one, the first episode of the Trilogy Series: Knockout. In Collaboration with Rodríguez Cigars and My Cigar Pack, the Knockout comes swinging with its Habano Maduro wrapper and natural band made from shade-grown Connecticut over a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos.

The flavors from this cigar are like the first round of a boxing match, they bright, electric, and buzzing with energy. Sweet caramel aromas and a peppery cookie-crumb flavor with a sugary finish stand out in the flavor profile, accented by thick lumber and pinecone nuances in the background.

The Knockout Details (March Release)

Production: Early 2021
Blends: One
Blender: Danny DiFabio X The Hot Ticket
Size: 5×50
Wrapper: Habano Maduro & Connecticut
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Nicaragua
Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Rodriguez Cigars


Round 2 of the Knockout Trilogy, Rodriguez Cigars and The Hot Ticket Podcast join forces once again for Rival, a flavor-packed Piramide dressed in a silky Connecticut Shade leaf and a Habano Maduro natural band. This object of art is blended with Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers under a Nicaraguan binder; it starts out with a subtle almost undetectable peppery jab to keep smokers honest, but flows harmonically like a butterfly with floral notes and a buttery touch. The aroma brings nuances of a bread bakery to life with a weighty sugar-cane finish to rival the exotic opening.

Rival Details (April Release)

Production: Early 2021
Blends: One
Blender: Danny DiFabio X The Hot Ticket
Size: 6.25×52
Wrapper: Connecticut & Habano Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran
Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Rodriguez Cigars


The third episode of the Trilogy series by our friends from The Hot Ticket Podcast is here, Comeback. In collaboration with Rodríguez Cigars and My Cigar Pack, the Allen brothers have created a series of cigars inspired by the Rocky films and have been named Knockout, Rival, and Comeback.

Comeback is the final installment, a 6.5×48 Habano with a Connecticut natural band and a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos to pack it with a weighty body and medium strength. It’s calculated and precise, and it comes back with a volcanic wave of earthy, spicy, and meaty flavors that punch the smoker with gusto. Under normal circumstances, getting punched would not be enjoyable, but when it’s the Comeback, one can’t help but delight in every blow.

Comeback Details (May Release)

Production: Early 2021
Blends: One
Blender: Danny DiFabio X The Hot Ticket
Size: 6.5×48
Wrapper: Habano & Connecticut
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran
Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Rodriguez Cigars

The Story We couldn’t be more humbled to serve as a platform that has enabled them to funnel an idea fueled by a unique representation and the maximal quality through a relentlessly timeless approach and an impeccable cigar manufacturer that is Danny DiFabio and Rodriguez cigars. In the developing stages of the project nearly two years ago, I asked the Allen twins who they’d like to work with for this project and without hesitation they pointed to Danny, whom I had also been strengthening my relationship with, and as a reputable cigar maker who shares our values and vision, he poised as the perfect component to this the threesome that would empower the creation of The Trilogy.

The concept In terms of the concept and branding, The Trilogy is a series of 3 cigars that are interconnected through the concept of ‘bettering’ each other, and an allusion to the Rocky film series, as the Knockout represents Rocky with the Red footband, a cigar that will “knock any other cigar out,” while the subsequent releases Rival and Comeback represent improved versions of the first release, the first one alluding to Ivan Drago with the pointy hair and yellow color (it’s a torpedo with a foot-band) and Comeback representing Rocky in the fourth movie of the series, where he comes back to a winning Drago and wins the fight with… Wait for it… a KO.

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