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Binder: VARIOUS Wrapper: Various Origin: ["Various"] Strength: ["Medium"] Filler: VARIOUS
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Size: Various
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Binder: VARIOUS Wrapper: Various Origin: ["Various"] Strength: ["Medium"] Filler: VARIOUS



This cigar assortment is a selection of our cigar library. We're constantly (every single day) developing different blends and acquiring large amounts of inventory from factories we work with.
We make final selections based on intention and availability to develop our Factory Direct offering, and whatever is left is stored in our aging room for future projects. What better way to enjoy a cigar selection from the most reputable factories in the world than mixing different selections with absolutely no bias?
We've made selections from more than 30 different batches and even more blends. By the time you buy your second Factory Direct Select(s) this number will have increased. The idea is to provide our visitors, clients, members, and customers with the absolute best cigars at the most affordable rate. Just as Factory Direct, these include the same fantastic cigars you pay the premium, at a fraction of the cost.
This product is designed for the cigar aficionado's pure enjoyment. It's also a great starting point for those who want to try a premium cigar at a bargain.
It's time we release this fantastic cigar selection, and it's all thanks to your feedback...
  • Most selections are purely medium body in strength.
  • At least two different blends are placed, although most times there will be three or four.
  • All wrapper types and blend profiles are considered for the Factory Direct Selects

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