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Binder: Nicaraguan Wrapper: Corojo Origin: ["Nicaragua"] Strength: ["Medium"] Filler: Nicaraguan
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Size: 5.5x50 - Robusto Extra
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Binder: Nicaraguan Wrapper: Corojo Origin: ["Nicaragua"] Strength: ["Medium"] Filler: Nicaraguan


Illusione is a brand that has generated very few limited editions since it was incorporated into the production market of cigars, so it always creates great expectations, the incorporation of new cigars into this niche is so exclusive. In 2008, on the 15th anniversary of the brand, came the launch of the Illusione ECCJ market.

This cigar is composed of a golden brown wrap, which when tightening is firm, very pleasant to the touch, while barely has a trace of oil. The aroma that emanates from the package is a combination of bitter chocolate, cedar, leather, hay, peanuts and earth. At the same time that cold extraction provides multiple flavors among which cinnamon is appreciated, a bit of citrus, sweet milk chocolate, almonds and cedar along with a little white pepper and a touch of spice to the contact of the lips.

The Cigar Illusione ECCJ starts the experience by combining the flavors of wood and cinnamon, which are increasing as you smoke, at which time black pepper notes and a rich nutty and creamy cherry flavor are accentuated. The draft ends by focusing on the aromas of spices, minerals and roasted nuts. It cannot be missing in the humidor of those experienced smokers who love to taste a complex and complete cigar.

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