The best football tailgate cigars
The best tailgate cigars
The best cigars for football


Binder: VARIOUS Wrapper: Origin: Strength: ["Various"] Filler: VARIOUS
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Binder: VARIOUS Wrapper: Origin: Strength: ["Various"] Filler: VARIOUS


Are these the best cigars to smoke while watching football or just straight up the best tailgating cigars?
It's FOOTBALL Season and we've created a special cigar pack to celebrate. Thanks to feedback by a few of our friends, we created something that both Football and other sports' fans would enjoy. A cigar sampler that had a little bit of everything appropriate for a day of tailgating or watching a game...
The Tailgate Pack includes a Connecticut cigar from the Dominican Republic; a great stogie to start the pack with, smooth, balanced, and nuanced. Great for all smokers and the first cigar of the day. This is followed by two 5x50 Habanos from Nicaragua; mildly sweet, more spiced and a bit more complex than the Connecticut, also a great cigar for all levels yet with a bit more oomph than the first. Last but not least, the final blend carries two 5x50 Maduro (San Andres) from Honduras that has a bit more power and presence than both of the habanos, which we suggest to smoke last, but is by no means considered a powerful cigar, landing at around a 6.5/10 in the strength spectrum for us.
These are top blends from other projects we have developed and are in the process of developing. We are able to price them so competitively given the fact these have not been yet branded.

  • (2) 5x50 Habano
  • (2) 5x50 Maduro
  • (1) 6x50 Connecticut

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