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Our carefully crafted tobacco tactical humidor will give you the ultimate cigar preservation experience. our respected artisan partners in the Dominican republic, who are known for their experience in woodworking, created this exceptional piece of artistry personally under our design and helped make it a reality.
Our humidor, made from high-quality cedar wood, ensures optimal conditions for your loved cigars. this large humidor, approximately 18" x 9" x 5", can hold a variety of 69 to 100 cigars, depending on their vitola. this humidor can easily accommodate your collection, whether you prefer robustos, toro, or even Churchill sizes.
One of our humidor's essential features is its design, which intends to maintain an airtight seal. the hinged flaps are securely held in place by two discreet but powerful magnets on the sides, ensuring minimal air exchange and maximum preservation of the flavors and aromas of your cigars. you may be sure that your cigars will last for a longer period of time in optimal condition thanks to the impressive 98% airtight construction.
While the humidor provides your cigars with an exceptional environment, it is imperative to maintain the appropriate level of humidity. at least once a month, we recommend replacing the boveda pack, which is intended to regulate humidity levels. please be aware, however, that replacement frequency may vary depending on the relative humidity and climate unique to each buyer's location.
The distinctive tobacco tactical logo, a symbol of our dedication to craftsmanship and quality, is proudly displayed on the exterior of the humidor.

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