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Sharing cigars with friends, family, and strangers

2 February, 2022

There’s something sincerely special about things we can share with others. Throughout society’s development as we know it, we’ve been taught that sharing (in general) brings us joy and entails positive aftereffects.

We’ve always stood by the fact that cigars are designed to be enjoyed at an interpersonal level, and whether you share them with friends, family, or even strangers, they’re fulfilling their purpose in our lives, because more than anything, good cigars are meant to be shared.

It’s important to note that when we refer to sharing, we are alluding to both the act of smoking with someone else through a mutual experience, and at the same time, the deed of providing cigars for others to enjoy. No, passing around a cigar is not included, it’s discouraged.

There are many ways you can share cigars with others and usually great things come from it. For as long as we can trace back into history, cigar-smoking has represented celebration of milestones and symbols of success.

Some ways to share cigars include:

  • Gifting cigars to a friend or family member.
  • Introducing cigars to friends that are interested in learning.
  • Exchanging cigars from your collection with others.
  • Inviting others to share a smoking experience with you.
  • Display your experience in your social media channels.


Ideal times to share a cigar and who to share it with:

  • Smoke a cigar to celebrate a milestone with your father, brother, sister, or family in general with some cigars.
  • Bring over cigars to a friend or family’s get together or BBQ.
  • Gift potential business counterparts a cigar box.
  • Invite friends to a cigar shop and enjoy some cigars together.
  • Sit down with a stranger enjoying a cigar and smoke together: make a friend.

If you’ve got cigars, bring them to wherever you’re going: we assure nothing negative will come from it.





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