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The Best Cigar We’ve Had for June 2022

11 June, 2022

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We’re back to it! We’ve got three cigars to tell you about this great month of June 2022, starting off with two honorable mentions followed by our pick for Cigar of the Month.


Honorable Mention #1:

Fuente Reserva Don Carlos Doble Robusto

Fuente's Reserva Don Carlos is a great, timeless smoke that has already won numerous awards. For June 2022, we've picked this blend in Doble Robusto.

The Don Carlos is an awesome cigar that has already won numerous awards. It’s a Dominican cigar made by the Fuente family and every single time this name comes up, you know it’s in regard to a memorable cigar. The Doble Robusto format gives the shape a little bit more chonkiness than what would be found in a regular robusto, but doesn’t go as far as a Toro. The reason this cigar is on this list is because among those that we’ve smoked, this one connects with a memorable moment for me, a night out with some old friends.


Honorable Mention #2:

JC Newman Perla del Mar Maduro 

The story with how JC Newman’s Perla del Mar Maduro is the exact same one as the Don Carlos! I wish I were kidding, but it’s true. The quality of a cigar is usually very closely associated with the quality of the time had while smoking it. For the Perla del Mar, it was the case that it’s a great cigar that I smoked while having a great time. It’s also wrapped in Broadleaf, by the way, which is kickass.


Mullberry & Spring Maduro

While I can usually appreciate San Andrés wrapped cigars, they usually aren’t my go-to pick if I’m honest. I think that’s because most of the time the San Andrés leaves that are selected dark. In the case of the Mullberry & Spring Maduro, what we have is a beautiful red hue with a hay-like aroma that hits the right notes when lit. The blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran fillers with the Ecuadorian Habano binder in this cigar really helps turn the smoking experience into a breezy, hardwood-smoked, fresh pine-filled, tactile array of flavors and aromas. The smoke asserts its presence in the palate and leaves delightful flavors that linger for a long time after puffing. It’s pretty great.



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